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Nudie Jeans: First Pair of Raw Denim

As a man who lifts heavy weights and squats twice a week; my thighs measure at 28 inches with a pronounced seating area and a small waist. You can imagine how difficult it would be to find a good pair of denim.

Nudie Jeans is a Swedish clothing brand located in Sweden, founded in 1999 by Maria Erixsson. They recently opened up a Nudie Jeans UK store while I was contracting in London, Soho a few weeks ago. Looking at their website they offer have a number of fits and styles; I decided to visit and see if I could find at least ‘one’ decent pair of jeans.

Entering the store, I was led downstairs where I was shown denim in a range of washes and colours. As it wasn’t busy, two Sales Associates attended to my needs. According to the Nudie Jeans website the “Sharp Bengt” would suit me best – a loose fit with a high waist and a tapered leg.

The pair I tried seemed to fit nicely, prefect even. A great pair in 13.5oz organic dry brown selvage with the trademark orange stitching. The denim feels stiff but not at all waxy and it’s also unsanforized.

Unsanforized is raw denim that will shrink a few inches when it is first washed. Sanforized denim is considered to be pre-shrunk.

Sharp Bengt

83% of production is in Italy, 17% in Tunisa while the denim is sourced from Turkey, Italy and Japan. The suppliers being BOSSAISKOORTA ANADOLUITALDENIM, KAIHARA and TRC. The organic cotton used in the fabrics is grown in Turkey for all fabric suppliers except TRC and Italdenim where the cotton comes from India.

The Nudie Jeans Concept Stores offer free of charge repairs and length alterations. Customers handing in their old pairs of jeans get a discount on new purchases; your old pair gets repaired and sold again!

Average Joe

Let’s see how these turn out and look out for an update in 6 months time!

(Photos by Style Damage, Nudie Jeans, Shoes: Edward Green Oundle, Scarf: Drakes of London)

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